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Tax Prep Checklists

Make sure you have what you need to file.

Tax Organizers

Get your information organized and ready to go.

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Tax Prep Checklists

Drop-Off Checklist >

Planning to drop off your tax information in office or online? Use this checklist as a summary of your situation and preferences. Include it with your tax documents when dropping them off or uploading them through the online portal

Tax Prep Checklist >

Claim all of your credits and take all of your deductions. Use this checklist to ensure you are including all you can and aren't missing anything. Include it with your tax documents when coming in for an appointment, dropping them off, or uploading them through the online portal

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Tax Organizers

Individual Organizer



Individual Organizer >




Sole Proprietorship Organizer (Schedule C) >



Rental Property Organizer (Schedule E) >



Farm Organizer (Schedule F) >



Partnership Organizer (Form 1065) >




LLC Tax Organizer >



S Corporation Organizer (Form 1120S) >



C Corporation Organizer (Form 1120) >



Business Income & Expense Worksheet >

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